Lifinity Europe Belgium

The advantages of AXA Wealth Europe

  • The expertise of a leading international insurance company
  • The portability and optimal security of a Luxembourg policy
  • Luxembourg is Europe's leading financial centre
  • Proximity and synergies between players (banks, insurers, funds)
  • Political and fiscal stability
  • Multilingualism
  • Start-up model (reactivity, short decision-making circuits, creativity, etc.)

The advantages of the Lifinity Europe policy

  • Tax neutrality adapted to international mobility
  • The choice of the policy currency: Euro, Swiss Franc, Dollar, Pound Sterling
  • The possibility of paying premiums in cash or by transferring securities (under certain conditions)
  • A flexible financial management offer
  • Loan guarantees (pledge, delegation)

Lifinity Europe Belgium

Type of subscribers

Natural persons

Policy characteristics 

  • Branch 23 tax advantage: no withholding tax.
  • Possible financing of the 2% tax at entry, with repayment spread out.
  • Wide choice of fund managers and custodian banks for DIFs.
  • A large number of eligible underlying assets.
  • A quality of service that matches Luxembourg's reputation for excellence.
  • Open from €200K.
  • DIF, CIF or external funds (with a list of over 400 funds).

This contract promotes environmental or social characteristics.

  • at least one investment vehicle  promoting environmental or social characteristics (Article 8); or
  • at least one investment vehicle with a sustainable investment goal which is a financial product within the meaning of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) (Article 9);

and holding one of these investment vehicles for the life of the contract.

Further information on these characteristics is given in the Annual Reports, Prospectuses, Regulations, Statutes or Annexes on sustainability.