Lifinity Europe France and Monaco

The advantages of AXA Wealth Europe

  • The expertise of a leading international insurance company
  • The portability and optimal security of a Luxembourg policy
  • Luxembourg is Europe's leading financial centre
  • Proximity and synergies between players (banks, insurers, funds)
  • Political and fiscal stability
  • Multilingualism
  • Start-up model (reactivity, short decision-making circuits, creativity, etc.)

The advantages of the Lifinity Europe policy

  • Tax neutrality adapted to international mobility
  • The choice of the policy currency: Euro, Swiss Franc, Dollar, Pound Sterling
  • The possibility of paying premiums in cash or by transferring securities (under certain conditions)
  • A flexible financial management offer
  • Loan guarantees (pledge, delegation)

Lifinity Europe France and Monaco

Type of subscribers

Natural persons

Legal entities: asset-based companies with a maximum of 10% commercial activities.

Commercial companies: eligible for subscription only in 100% unit-linked products.

Policy characteristics 

  • Geographical diversification and optimisation of your assets.
  • Flexible and diversified multi-currency financial management (Collective Internal Funds, Dedicated Internal Funds).
  • Multi-Support: Reinsured € Fund, external unit-linked funds, Collective Internal Funds (CIF), Dedicated Internal Funds (DIF) and Specialised Insurance Funds (SIF).
  • Financial management provided by several management companies ARCHITAS France (AXA Group).
  • Multi-Custodian: BNP SS Luxembourg as the lead custodian and other approved custodians.
  • Multi-Option: Guaranteed Death Benefit, financial options on external unit-linked funds.
  • The commitments of AXA Wealth Europe on the € fund are 100% reinsured by AXA France but deposited in a Luxembourg banking institution under a policy subject to Luxembourg law.
  • A choice of more than 400 funds managed by reference management companies for the investment products: external funds.