Our purpose

“There is no great company without a great purpose: ours is to empower our 105 million customers to live a better life.” Thomas BUBERL

For the 10th consecutive year in 2019, AXA is voted the 1st global insurance brand (Interbrand ranking)

We always start with our customers

As one of the largest global insurers, our purpose is to empower people to live a better life. This purpose is shared by each and every employee throughout our organization, as we tailor our services and solutions to each of our 105 million customers around the world, one person at a time.

You are the starting point for all our work. We strive to give you more choice, more innovation and more power to decide how, when and where you access our products and services, while making sure we provide excellence, quality and a strong financial foundation for everything we deliver, at the right cost to you.

Our values, our vision and beyond

Putting our customers first is only part of the story, as we move forward every day, guided by our four core values: Customer First, Integrity, Courage and One AXA.

These ensure we put people first and that we are always guided by strong moral principles. They also encourage our employees to speak their minds so we can innovate and take bold actions together, as a team.

As part of our Ambition 2020 strategy, we’ve enshrined our commitment to empowering you to live better in the Better Lives Partnership. It features a commitment to social innovation and sustainability that takes care of not just the individual lives of our customers, but also the society and environment in which we all live.

Our people are your people

Our collaborative approach allows our employees to offer you tailor-made products and services that respond to your needs in an ever-changing and fast-evolving world.

In fact, we’re eagerly making the change from being a “payer” to being a “partner” to our customers, and our employees and distributors around the world are ready to work closely together with you to create services and solutions that empower you to live better, today and tomorrow.

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