The AXA offer in Luxembourg

In compliance with the prudential rules of Luxembourg and the legislations and regulations of the policyholder’s country of residence, AXA Wealth Europe offers to its customers customisable solutions and tailor-made services within life insurance and endowment contracts.

Lifinity Europe

- The choice of contract currency: Euro, Dollar, Swiss franc, Sterling

- The option of paying your premiums in cash or by transferring securities

- A flexible financial management offer

The funds

- A guaranteed-capital Euro Fund, reinsured fully by AXA France (63 billion Euros of assets as at 31/03/2016) is available through AXA France distribution networks.

- A list of external funds selected among recognized financial managers, where customers and partners can request additional funds.

- Collective Internal Funds, with mutual funds selected based on your investment profile

- Dedicated Internal Funds, tailor-made for the policyholder

The policyholder may combine all these funds within the same contract, in a multi-depository bank and multi-asset manager environment to manage both collective and dedicated internal funds.

AXA Wealth Europe - Fonds

Free Management arbitrage options

For a more reactive management:

- Gradual Investment Option, to invest gradually in the markets,

- Peak Limiting Option, to diversify or secure the performance,

- Stop Loss and Stop Loss Max Options, to limit the losses in value.

Guaranteed death benefit option

Secures the customer's investment in the event of death by ensuring that the beneficiaries do not receive an amount which is less than the sums paid.

Wealth Advice

To identify all the advantages and specific features of the Luxembourg solution, AXA Wealth Europe makes available to its partners and their customers its wealth management know-how and may, if needed, call on external experts (lawyers, notaries).

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