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AXA Wealth Europe's offer in Luxembourg

Through its Lifinity Europe product, AXA Wealth Europe offers its clients customisable solutions and a tailor-made service, within life insurance and endowment policies, in strict compliance with Luxembourg prudential rules and the legislation and regulations of the policyholder's country of residence.

Luxembourg offers a tailor-made framework for high-end life insurance

  • Stable legislation and a position that makes it possible to operate in several countries while maintaining your life insurance policy ;
  • The solidity of the AXA Group at the service of our Luxembourg-based offer ;
  • Geographical diversification and optimisation of your wealth ;
  • Flexible and diversified multi-currency financial management (Collective Internal Funds, Dedicated Internal Funds and Specialised Insurance Funds).

AXA Wealth Europe covers 4 countries:


  • Endowment for legal, financial and commercial entities
  • Endowment for natural persons
  • Individual Life


  • Individual life (branch 23 / 100% UC)

Luxembourg – LIFINITY EUROPE (LU):

  • Endowment for legal, financial and commercial entities
  • Individual life


  • Endowment for legal, financial and commercial entities
  • Individual life
  • Endowment for natural persons

Lifinity Europe, your life insurance and endowment policy

  • Multi-Currency: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF. Choice of policy currency, and choice of currency units for unit-linked products
  • Multi-Support: AXA France € Euro Fund, External Funds (FEX), Collective Internal Funds (CIF), Dedicated Internal Funds (DIF), and Specialised Insurance Funds (SIF)
  • Multi Management companies : financial management provided by managers that are a reference in their field, including AXA IM Select
  • Multi-Custodian: wide range of custodian banks for internal funds
Support en EUR Lifinity AXA Wealth Europe

International wealth management advice

In order to identify all the advantages and specificities of the Luxembourg solution, AXA Wealth Europe provides its partners and their clients with its wealth management expertise with constant input from the professionals in their field (lawyers, solicitors). The quality of the Wealth Engineering is a key factor in securing the duty to advise carried out by our partners, in an increasingly complex international environment.

Luxembourg offers a range of investment funds

  • A guaranteed-capital euro fund, deposited in Luxembourg and 100% reinsured by AXA France;
  • A list of external funds, mainly made up of UCIs (Undertakings for Collective Investments) selected from among recognised financial managers and which can be added to at the request of our partners and clients;
  • Collective Internal Funds (CIF), whose discretionary management is ensured by a dedicated financial manager and accessible to a multitude of subscribers / holders with the same investment profile;
  • Dedicated Internal Funds (DIF), whose discretionary management is entrusted to a financial manager with a customised investment strategy;
  • Specialised Insurance Funds (SIFs), under Personal Management or Advisory Management, which allow the subscriber to directly select the underlying assets, with a wide investment universe.

The subscriber can combine all of these multi-currency supports within the same policy and in a multi-custodian bank and multi-manager environment.

Customised or advisory free management

The "Lifinity Europe" range of policies offers great management flexibility


Free management

Free management is a management method for life insurance policies. As its name suggests, it allows savers to manage their investments alone and at their own discretion. This means that they themselves choose the products in which they wish to invest (euro funds or external funds).

Under Free Management, automatic arbitrage options are available to make management more reactive:

  • Gradual Investment option, to invest gradually in the markets,
  • Peak Limiting option, to diversify or secure the performance,
  • Stop Loss and Stop Loss Max options, to limit the losses in value.

AXA Wealth Management Advisory Management (for external funds)

  • A professional unit dedicated to advisory management, composed of advisory managers,
  • Accompanied by AXA IM Select and the AXA France Investment Department for the financial content,
  • An option designed for clients who wish to benefit from regular support in the financial management of their policy and retain the final decision in the directions taken.