Customised support

- A dedicated customer service officer monitoring your case

- Within two hours your requests are acknowledged along

Speed of service

- Eligibility of your case: 8 hours /Acceptance of your case: review, 72 hours
- Issuance of the Special Conditions for your contract: 72 hours (from receipt of funds and/or originals documents )
- Arbitrage: same day if requested before 4pm
- Urgent partial redemption or policy loan: transfer initiated within 72 hours
- Non-urgent partial or total redemption: transfer initiated within 10 days
The above operational commitments assume a complete case.

Digitalisation: self-service management of contract available anytime

- Your account statements available in your customer account.
- Access to the valuation of your contract(s) and the history of recent operations.
- Entering and monitoring your arbitrage online.