The Luxembourg insurance contract

1. The security triangle

Revised and modified version of the law of 10th August 2018:

Framework strengthened by Luxembourgish law to take into account the risk evolution on the financial markets.

All life insurance contracts linked to investment funds as well as all life insurance contracts with guaranteed return are subject to separate assets. Each of these assets is reserved primarily to the execution of the commitments of the corresponding contracts.

• The "super privilege” becomes a "high-end privilege” and is considerably strengthened.

• For life insurance receivables for which the investment risk is borne by the subscriber (units of account), evaluation = number of units held on the day of the opening of the liquidation

• For other types of investments (with guaranteed capital), insurance receivables = the value of the corresponding technical provisions on the day of the opening of the liquidation.

• The possibility of compensation in a timely manner is reinforced by the possibility offered to the super privileged creditor to be transferred, in the absence of liquidation, all or part of the assets related to his contract.

FAQ of ACA regarding the security triangle.

2. The proximity triangle / central location

3. The serenity triangle

These three triangles are the cornerstone of a successful wealth management that has succeeded to continually adapting to the needs of partners and subscribers whilst maintaining a high degree of a qualitative and quantitative level.